Hi, I’m Ed Downes

Ed Downes knows what Works NOW for Marketing a Local Business? You already know what’s NOT working to help you acquire new customers, and you probably know that learning to market your business more effectively is critical to your success. Without a solid plan you can use to attract and engage new customers every single week, and to keep your existing customers so happy they’d never consider going to your competitor instead, you’re headed for disaster. If doubling or tripling your customer base in the next several months sounds good to you, Ed’s team can help. While working with Ed and his team, you’ll discover:

  • What thriving businesses are doing online to get new customers calling them every day.
  • How to avoid being taken advantage of by “SEO Monkeys” who promise #1 Google listings, take your money, and disappear.
  • How to get started, if you decide to tackle the learning curve and invest just a couple days a week implementing all the best practices you’ll discover in this book.
  • How to avoid costly pitfalls in marketing by knowing what to do and when to do it.
  • How you can finally get your marketing strategy running like clock work, so you can get back to doing what you do best – taking care of your customers.

  • Ed Downes is referred to by many as “The Local Marketing Mad Scientist” as he is constantly systemizing and automating sales, marketing, and operations for businesses all over the world. Ed’s story as well as his systems, tools, and coaching have been an inspiration and game changer for thousands of local companies who need traction and want to grow fast. Working with Ed and his team will enable businesses to experience a complete turnaround from floundering to flourishing… and it will show you the way, too.


    I live the Warriors way, I live by a code. I focus on improving myself every day in each of the Core 4 areas, BODY, BEING, BALANCE, and BUSINESS.

    • My Body: Let's just say that it is a work in progress. Currently I am training for a sprint triathlon which has helped me drop 26 lbs. since October 9th.
    • My Being: My daily routine is helping me explore my spirituality and learn about God. I study the Bible and journal about it applies in my life.
    • My Balance: I have been building better connection with my family. Every day, I make emotional deposits in the the relationship accounts with my family members building trust, connection, and love.
    • My Business: My Digital Marketing agency is growing and it is the bread and butter of my businesses. This core business provides for my family so that I can pursue fulfilling activities that help others to be their best version of themselves.